Welcome to the Mossy Life! My name is Marliceia Chavers, and I founded Mossy Fusions, LLC in response to the increased demand for immunity boosting and wellness products during the time of the global pandemic. This began as a simple labor of love for my immediate family and friends and before I knew it, more people started to inbox me and request it. I was reluctant to launch yet another business endeavor, but the health and wellness of my loved ones and community took precedence.

Here at Mossy Fusions, we pride ourselves on finding ways to infuse the lives around us with delicious health supplements. Although we firmly believe that everything that is good for you does not have to taste good; we still wanted to do our little part to make health on the go both flavorful and easy. Therefore, we formulated delicious and nutritious fruit purees and infused our Golden and Purple Irish Sea Moss with them to give you a true flavor infused experience. Now you do not have to mix the sea moss gel in a smoothie to mask the ocean flavor; we’ve already done that for you and aided in the convenience of taking it with just needing two tablespoons a day straight from the jar. 

As we continue to expand our product selection to offer you the best in health and wellness; we pray that you remain happy, healthy, and whole. Cheers to Good Health!